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Slide gate openers

Slide gate openers

EST-FU 1500 / EST-FU 3000

High quality and security

Comfortable operation

Tested and certified products

Promptness and reliability

Wit frequency converter controller

Wit frequency converter controller

The slide gate openers EST-FU are installed in a comfortable aluminium housing with plenty of space for additional fittings. The components are easily accessible via a lockable swivelling lever lock. The slide gate opener offers sufficient power in any situation and is designed for gates with an opening width of up to 30,000mm.


Aluminium housing
  • Made of powder-coated aluminium
  • Plenty of space for additional fittings
  • Integrated loop detector
  • Locking via swivelling lever lock (optional on-site installation of profile half cylinder possible)
Safety contact profiles
  • Receptacle for safety contact profiles integrated in the housing
  • Improved monitoring through 4 separate contact profile evaluations


Gearbox and construction
  • Hypoid bevel gearbox with high efficiency
  • High duty cycle
  • Robust steel construction for long-lasting operation
Opening width
  • For gate systems with opening widths of up to 30,000mm
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC) for unrestricted operation even with low mains voltage from 200Vac upwards


Safety devices
  • Connection options for type E safety devices (e.g. laser scanner)
  • Photoelectric barrier connections with test function for forward space and rear space monitoring
  • Failsafe inputs (performance level PLc) for evaluation of safety devices
Emergency release
  • Reliable mechanical brake on the motor (locks in de-energised state)
  • Simple emergency release via lever on the motor
  • With separate input (NC contact) for fire alarm system

Quick install

Height adjustment

Simple, infinitely variable height adjustment of the toothed wheel thanks to gas pressure springs and height indicator. The adjustment range of 100mm can be extended by 90mm with an optional console.

Step 1

Slightly loosen the four hexagonal screws (1) on the bracket so that the gear unit incl. toothed wheel can be pushed upwards by the gas pressure springs. The toothed wheel and toothed rack should engage with each other.

Step 2

The pointer plate on the gear unit (2) pushes
the upper limit indicator (3) upwards. The lower limit indicator (4) is pushed manually under the pointer plate.

Step 3

To determine the minimum and maximum height, the gate leaf is pushed manually over the entire opening width. In the process, the lower limit indicator moves to the optimal setting position.

Step 4

The distance between the two limit indicators (5) can be easily measured. 

Note: If the recommended maximum distance between the two limit indicators is exceeded, the wear of the toothed wheel and toothed rack will increase. For more information, see our installation instructions.

Step 5

The lower limit indicator is fixed in its position with a screw. The gear unit is pressed onto the lower limit indicator and the four hexagonal screws are tightened again.

Perfect running performance

Gate position control

The position of the gate can be determined exactly via an absolute encoder - even after a power failure or emergency release (without re-teaching)

Boost function

Higher rated power for a short time when the gate starts up

Speed control
  • Compliance with forces according to EN 12453 at main and secondary closing edges in conjunction with suitable safety contact profiles through electronic speed control and adjustable brake ramps
  • Adjustable gate speed, soft start and soft stop

Frequency converter controller MO 45 FU

Simple operation
  • Illuminated graphic display and plain text menu (4 languages)
  • 6 multifunctional relays (4x NO, 2x changeover), expandable by up to 8 relays
  • Plug-in socket for TCP/IP and radio remote control
  • With integrated frequency converter
  • Monitoring of the inputs via display (e.g. display of resistance values of the 8k2 safety contact profiles, status changes, gate OPEN/CLOSED)
Automatic teach-in
  • Automatic teaching (using additional limit switches can simplify commissioning)

Drive assemblies

EST-FU 1500A / EST-FU 3000A
  • Available as drive assembly for on-site gate posts
  • Including controller
  • ELKA will gladly assist you with the certification of standard-compliant series gates

Toothed wheel (available separately)

Module 4
  • Made of steel
Module 6
  • Made of steel
Technical data
TypeMains voltageDimensions incl. toothed wheel W/H/DGate leaf weight max.Opening width max.Velocity max. approx. 
EST-FU 1500 230Vac 530mm x 1,185mm x 335mm 1,500kg 30,000mm 22.2m/min.
EST-FU 1500A 230Vac 400mm x 1,143mm x 311mm 1,500kg 30,000mm 22.2m/min.
EST-FU 3000 230Vac 530mm x 1,185mm x 335mm 3,000kg 30,000mm 16.2m/min.
EST-FU 3000A 230Vac 400mm x 1,143mm x 311mm 3,000kg 30,000mm 16.2m/min.

We reserve the right to make technical alterations without prior notice.