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Barrier systems

Barrier systems

Manual barriers

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Manual barriers with counterweights

Manual barriers with counterweights

ELKA manual barriers are designed for up to 7,500mm effective boom length. The barrier stand is made of galvanized steel and is supplied as standard in RAL 3002 (red). The counterweights ensure an optimal weight counterbalance.


ELKA Handschranke Schrankenbaum Barrier boom
  • Made of powder coated aluminium
  • RAL 9010 (white) with red reflective signal stripes
  • Rubber tube on the underside
ELKA Handschranke Gegengewichte Counterweights
  • For optimal weight balance
  • For easy handling
  • Standard-locking via index bolt
Barrier stand
  • Made of galvanized steel
  • RAL 3002 (red)


ELKA Handschranke Baumabspannung Stabilization rope
  • From EH 55L (5,500mm effective boom length) included in delivery
Swinging and fixed supports
  • Fixed support rubber-cushioned
  • Swinging support with additional counterweights
  • Made of aluminium
  • Powder coated, RAL 9010
  • Height adjustable
ELKA Handschranke Verriegelung am Schrankenständer Locking at the barrier stand
  • With profile cylinder lock
  • With or without forced close
  • With or without fire emergency release (DIN 3223)
ELKA Handschranke Verriegelung am Auflagepfosten Locking at the fixed support
  • Profile cylinder lock with stainless steel bolt
  • Fire emergency release (DIN 3223) with stainless steel bolt
  • Stainless steel bolt for padlock (on site)
Technical data
TypeEffective boom lengthCounterweightsSwinging and fixed supports
EH 25L 2,500mm 0 optional
EH 30L 3,000mm 2 optional
EH 35L 3,500mm 2 optional
EH 40L 4,000mm 2 mandatory
EH 45L 4,500mm 4 mandatory
EH 50L 5,000mm 6 mandatory
EH 55L 5,500mm 12 mandatory
EH 60L 6,000mm 14 mandatory
EH 65L 6,500mm 16 mandatory
EH 70L 7,000mm 18 mandatory
EH 75L 7,500mm 20 mandatory

We reserve the right to make technical alterations without prior notice.