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Slide gate openers

Slide gate openers

EST 400V

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EST 400V

EST 400V

The slide gate openers EST 2204K - 4004K are installed in a convenient housing with a lot of space for additional equipment. The components are easily accessible via service door. Unlocking is done by using an hexagon key, which releases the clamping mechanism.


ELKA EST 230V/400V Baureihe K Convenient housing
  • Amply dimensionded housing made of powder coated aluminium
  • With pre-wired terminal row, socket for 1-channel loop detector and service power outlet
  • With motor brake and overcurrent
    circuit breaker
  • For intensive use
  • Max. length of gate 20,000mm
  • Max. weight of gate 4,000kg
ELKA EST 230V/400V Komfort Easy unlocking
  • Via hexagon key which releases the clamping mechanism

Controller MO 44-2

  • One-button operation
  • Three-button operation
  • Dead man's operation
  • Magnetic limit switches
ELKA EST 230V/400V Passendes Zubehör Safety
  • Safety contact profile detection for OPEN
    and CLOSE separately
  • Photoelectric barrier testing
ELKA EST 230V/400V Sofort Stopp Immediate stop
  • Via electronic brake
  • Complete and partial opening
  • Via radio remote control transmitter or switch


ELKA EST 230V/400V Höhenverstellbar Height
  • All slide gate openers 400V are height adjustable up to 30mm
ELKA EST 230V/400V Sonderfarben Custom colours
  • The housings are available in every RAL custom colour

Toothed racks

ELKA EST 230V/400V Zahnstange Modul 4 Module 4, 30x12mm
  • Galvanized, height adjustable
  • To be screwed on the gate, incl. spacers
ELKA EST 230V/400V Zahnstange Modul 6 Module 6, 30x30mm
  • Galvanized
  • To be welded on the gate

Toothed wheels

ELKA EST 230V/400V Zahnräder Modul 6 Module 4
  • Steel
  • Ø 80mm, 18 teeth
  • Only for EST 2204K


Module 6
  • Galvanized steel
  • Ø 80mm, 12 teeth
  • Only for EST 2204K (extra charge)
ELKA EST 230V/400V Zahnräder Modul 4 groß Module 6
  • Galvanized steel
  • Ø 132mm, 20 teeth
  • Only for 4004K
Technical data
TypePower supplyDimensions W/H/DMax. weight of gateMax. length of gateRunning time approx.
EST 2204K 400V 450mm x 800mm x 270mm 2,200kg 18,000mm 0.18m/s
EST 4004K 400V 450mm x 800mm x 270mm 4,000kg 20,000mm 0.18m/s

We reserve the right to make technical alterations without prior notice.