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Barrier systems

Barrier systems


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Barriers for parking lots and car parks

Barriers for parking lots and car parks

ELKA barriers of the series "PARKING" are designed for access control of parking garages and car parks. Perfect running performance, achieved by electronic speed control and optimized mechanics, protect motor and gear. An efficient drive concept with a powerful 24V BLDC-gear and robust components ensure intensive operation with 100% duty cycle.
ELKA offers a selection of 3 barrier types of this series with different effective boom lengths and running times as well as suitable accessories for different purposes, e.g. boom lighting LED, articulation kits and safety devices. Learn more about the safe use of barriers in connection with vehicle and passenger traffic and contact our competent team.

We are happy to support you in planning and implementing projects. Benefit from over 40 years of experience - approx. 100,000 barriers installed in over 80 countries worldwide. All products are manufactured in Germany and are subject to strict quality controls.

We are looking forward to your request.

Legal security of our products

According to the legal requirements, ELKA barriers of the PARKING series are offered in two versions - EU and UL version, according to the requirements of the European Union and North America (USA, Canada).

If faster running times are required, the barrier system must be protected with a protective device according to standards. ELKA offers a laser scanner in a suitable housing in its range of accessories.

ELKA creates the prerequisite that operators and commissioning engineers are always on the safe side when it comes to questions of liability.


ELKA Parking Robuste Mechanik Robust mechanics
  • Mechanics for intensive use up to 100% duty cycle
  • Components made of galvanized steel (die-cast, lasered)
Efficient drive concept
  • Energy-saving with powerful 24V BLDC-gear
  • Planetary gear, multistage
ELKA Parking Schrankengehäuse Barrier housing
  • Aluminium, IP 54, with clamping technology
  • Powder coated, RAL 5012/9010
  • Custom colours upon request (extra charge)
ELKA Parking Perfektes Laufverhalten Perfect running performance
  • Precise barrier boom movement through electronic rotation speed control
  • Fast, quiet, smooth
ELKA Parking Kraftüberwachung Power reversal
  • Power reversal upon encountering an obstacle
ELKA Parking Serviceschalter Service switch and power outlet
  • All external operating commands are deactivated for the safety of the service technician
  • Service power outlet for convenient working on-site (not for UL version)

Controller MO 24

ELKA Parking Perfektes Laufverhalten Perfect running performance
  • Electronic rotation speed control
  • Automatic closure (Programmable 0-655s)
ELKA Parking Einfache Bedienung Easy operation
  • 4x7-segment-display
  • Easy menu navigation
  • Fast analysis via LEDs at the inputs
ELKA Parking Serviceschalter Safety
  • Power reversal
  • Dead man's mode
  • Service switch
  • Running time control
ELKA Parking Multifunktionsrelais Comfortable
  • 3 integrated loop detectors
  • Position detection without limit switch
  • 6 multifunctional relays (expandable to 14)
ELKA Parking Funkempfänger Expandable
  • Automatic opening module
  • 24V loading module
  • TCP/IP module
  • Radio remote control receiver

Optional modules

ELKA Parking Automatisch AUF Automatic opening
  • Automatic opening in case of power failure
ELKA Parking 24V Lademodul 24V loading module
  • Uninterrupted barrier operation in case of a power failure
  • Overcharge and deep discharge protection
ELKA Parking TCPIP Network compatible
  • TCP/IP
  • Communication independent of location
ELKA Parking Funkempfänger Radio remote control receiver
  • 434 MHz / 868 MHz
  • For very good range
ELKA Parking Multifunktionsrelais Multifunctional relay
  • 6 potential free relays (24V / 3A) pre-assembled
  • 8 additional multifunctional relays via module

Safety devices

ELKA Parking Schleifendetektoren Induction loops
  • 3 integrated loop detectors
  • Many configuration options
ELKA Parking Ampeln und Leuchten Lights
  • Traffic lights available in green or red
  • Flashing lights as warning devices
ELKA Parking Lichtschranken Photoelectric barrier
  • Transmitter and receiver
  • Range 18m
Photoelectric barrier housing
  • For mounting up to 2 photoelectric barriers L-900 (surface mounting)
  • For barriers series PARKING, TOLL and INDUSTRIAL - series S
Light ring

The transparent plastic ring with LED strips is integrated between the barrier housing and hood and evenly illuminated in all directions (red / green / blue or warm white selectable). The visibility of the barrier system is significantly increased in darkness
and in poor visibility conditions.

Barrier boom

Barrier boom
  • Made of aluminium
  • With red reflective signal stripes
  • Rubber tube on the boom underside
  • Pre-assembled
ELKA Parking Baumaufnahme Boom connection
  • Left / right usable
  • Boom connector for profile or round barrier boom
ELKA Parking Knickeinrichtung neu Articulation kit
  • As a set or pre-assembled
  • Max. clearance height 2,300mm (optional max. 2,600mm)
  • Max. boom length 4,000mm
ELKA Parking LED Baumbeleuchtung Boom lighting LED on the underside
  • Uniform illumination of the entire
    barrier boom length
  • Translucent rubber tube
  • Up to a barrier boom length of 5,000mm, can be shortened as required
ELKA Parking Baumbeleuchtung Boom lighting LED
  • As a set (2/4/8) or single
  • Pre-assembled or for on-site installation
  • Lighting colour in red or green
Magnetic lock
  • High-performance vandalism protection via electromagnet on the barrier boom
  • Max. magnetic force 2,500N
  • Wiring through the barrier boom (a connection cable under the roadway is not required)
  • Incl. fixed support (height adjustable 150mm)
  • For P 5000
Shortening of the barrier boom

The shortening of the barrier boom to the required length is free of charge

Fixed and swinging support
  • Made of aluminium
  • Powder-coated, RAL 9010
  • Height adjustable
Technical data
 Type Effective boom length Running time approx. Duty cycle UL version
 P 2500  2,280 mm  0.9s / 1.3s / 2.5s  100 %  yes
 P 3000  2,780 mm  1.3s / 1.8s / 2.5s  100 %  yes
 P 3500  3,280 mm  1.8s / 2.5s / 3.8s  100 %  yes
 P 4000  3,780 mm  2.8s / 3.8s / 4.5s  100 %  yes
 P 5000  4,780 mm  3.8s / 4.5s / 5.5s  100 %  yes

We reserve the right to make technical alterations without prior notice.