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Swing gate openers

Swing gate openers


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Gate opener with articulated arm

Gate opener with articulated arm

The ZENIT is a durable swing gate opener with articulated arm, suitable for a variety of installation situations. Four different articulated arm versions are available. The accurately adjusted recirculating ballscrew ensures an even pass of motion of the gate. Internal stops permit the use without external stops for GATE OPEN. For gates with up to 3,000mm length per wing, even for GATE CLOSED external stops are not required.


  • Stable substructure made of galvanized steel
  • Housing made of impact-resistant ABS
Stable substructure
  • An accurately adjusted recirculating ballscrew ensures an even pass of motion of the gate
  • For gate wings up to 4,500mm length und 450kg weight
ELKA Zenit Innovativ Innovative
  • External stops are not required
  • Three different articulated arm versions


ELKA Zenit Variante Standard Standard
  • Opening angle up to 120°
ELKA Zenit Variante langer Arm Long articulated arm
  • Opening angle up to 120°
  • Extra charge
ELKA Zenit Variante gerader Arm Straight arm with u-rail
  • Opening angle up to 90°
  • Extra charge

Controller MO 36

Perfect running performance
  • Soft-start and soft-stopp
  • Automatic closure (1-299s)
  • Speed selectable in 8 steps
  • For OPEN and CLOSE separately for each gate wing
  • Gust suppression selectable (only with active safety contact profiles)
ELKA Zenit Einfache Bedienung Simple operation
  • 2x7 segment display
  • One button or three button input
  • Multi-functional relay for third radio remote control channel
  • Fast analysis via LEDs at the inputs
ELKA Zenit Sicherheit Safety
  • Stop and reversing for a short distance
  • Photoelectric barrier connection with patented testing function
ELKA Zenit Komfortabel Comfortable
  • Complete and partial opening (pedestrian opening function)
  • Plug-terminals for easy installation
ELKA Zenit Erweiterbar Expandable
  • 7-daytimer module
  • Remote control receiver
  • Connection of traffic lights via additional module (extra charge)

Required accessories

Locking devices
  • Required from 3,000mm length of wing
Technical data
TypeMax. length of wingRunning time approx.Opening angle
ZENIT-S 300/302 3,000mm 12s up to 120°
ZENIT-S 450/452 4,500mm 12s up to 120°

We reserve the right to make technical alterations without prior notice.