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ELKA supports the registered German Child Protection Association, district North Friesland (in German: Kinderschutzbund Nordfriesland e.V.), which is committed to the rights of all children and young people.


The association ensures that all children can develop their abilities and that their rights to development, promoting, protection and participation are granted. It is an affair of our heart to support this very important work here in the North region of Germany, district North Friesland.




Lobby for children

We stand up for the rights of all children and teenagers to participate and to grow up violence-free and in a child-friendly society. We promote them in their mental, spiritual, social and physical development. We interfere in favour of children - in federal and state legislation, in planning and decisions in cities and communities.


Better living conditions

We demand an improvement in the material living conditions of children and families, a child-friendly and healthy environment and good facilities for children and teenagers. Through a variety of practical offers, we help creating a future worth living for children.


Strong parents and strong children

We want strong, self-confident children. That's why we support parents in their parenting skills and in their everyday lives, e. g. through courses, counselling, and practical relief in everyday life.


Prevention is even better

We support, relieve, and encourage children and their families before they drift into crises and problems.


Mode of operation: in common values and shared respect

Whether in dealing with children and parents seeking advice or in cooperation with our employees and cooperation partners - we work based on common values and mutually shared respect. We follow the principle of helping people to help themselves.


Many active members - a strong association

The particular strength relies on voluntary commitment and the involvement of the many citizens. In our projects and facilities, non-paid and paid staff work closely together. We are democratically organized, and decisions are made jointly.


Our goal: A child-friendly society

Our goal is the realization of the UN-Convention on the Rights of the Child in Germany. We advocate for a child-friendly society, in particular:


  • –  for children to grow up violence-free
  • –  for offers that preventively strengthen parents and children in dealing with crises
  • –  for the expansion of social security for children and parents
  • –  for education and upbringing in a child-friendly environment
  • –  for the participation of children and teenagers in all planning and decisions that affect them
  • –  for age-appropriate communication by administration, politics, and media

We pursue these goals through political action (lobbying work) and practical help (projects and facilities).


Lobbying: for rights and participation

The German Child Protection Association (in German: Deutscher Kinderschutzbund, German abbreviation: DKSB) is committed to the rights of all children and young people in Germany. The association intervenes in favor of children – in federal and state legislation, in planning and decisions in cities and communities. We call for an improvement in the material living conditions of children and families, a child-friendly and healthy environment and good facilities for children and young people.


Projects and facilities: Practical help

Our facilities make offers that realize the rights of children and improve their everyday lives. Preventive, supportive and crisis-oriented services offered by the association are created for the purpose of the development, empowerment and participation of children and young people and their parents. As an independent youth welfare organization, we demand reliable funding for this work from politicians and administrators.


The children: Fit for the future

We are committed to ensuring that all children can develop their abilities and that their rights to personal promotion, development, protection, and participation are realized. We work towards ensuring that the interests and needs of children and teenagers are considered in all social decisions. We advocate that children's rights apply to all children - girls and boys - regardless of their ethnic, national and social origin, religion or disability. We insist that the environment is sustainably protected so that healthy living conditions are maintained for the future generations.


The parents: Competently supported

Family in all lifeforms is the space where children develop their personality and find protection, understanding and reliable relationships. We are working for the rights of children and teenager, that they receive opportunities to develop their abilities, their individual power of discernment and the sense of moral and social responsibility – so that they might grow as well-balanced, responsible member of society and the family. We encourage parents to live a loving, democratic, and non-violent relationship with their children. We support parents in order to enhance their child-raising skills and support them in discharging their parental responsibilities. We promote exchange and cooperation through courses, counselling and support services.


The society: Child- and family-friendly

We want a society that welcomes children and guarantees good future living conditions for children and parents. We help families to assert their entitlement to state support, advice and financial security. We are working for creating good, financially secure conditions for the education and training of children and teenagers. We demand and promote facilities for children and teenagers to encourage those who are affected to take an active and responsible role in shaping their everyday lives.




We treat everyone, with respect for their abilities, needs and interests. Helping people to help themselves is our main objective. The particular strength of our association comes from the voluntary engagement of many citizens. In our projects and facilities, non-paid and paid staff work closely together. In all working areas, we realize equal opportunities for women and men, girls and boys. We react to social changes and new scientific findings.

With children and teenagers

For us, children and teenagers are partners with the right of dignity and recognition of their personality. We involve them in all decisions which affect them and promote their co-determination in all areas of society. We offer different activities for girls and boys. We respect the personal dignity, privacy, and rights of every individual, regardless of their origin, nationality, culture, religion, or gender.


Advice for adults

We treat those seeking for help and advice with understanding for their situation and with respect for their abilities. We offer reliably effective assistance and provide support in difficult situations.


With cooperation partners

We have cooperation partners in the education sector, young welfare service, administration sector as well as in the politics. We offer them concrete and professionally high-quality concepts. We mutually respect each other as partners in our common work for children and parents. We focus on combining means and skills, synergy effects and the continuous improvement of our services.


With donors

Our members, supporters and sponsors are valued and indispensable alliance partners. They provide a financial basis for our projects, and they help us to carry forward the idea of child protection. Our dealings with them are characterized by mutual respect and clear contractual agreements.




The Child Protection Association is a non-partisan and non-denominational membership-based association. Our strength is based on the commitment of numerous citizens. Our demands to society are based on democratic member decisions and practical experience in the social sector. We treat all our employees with respect and appreciation. We regularly review our work and check constantly whether our facilities and services meet our quality criteria. We ensure that we enjoy our work in the Child Protection Agency. We strength and expand our expertise through trainings and further education, as well as through professional supervision. We work as a team. Unpaid activities are defined by clear agreements. Paid work is regulated by contracts and job descriptions.




Our local, district and state associations are legally independent associations. They work based on joint decisions in accordance with their respective capabilities and local needs. Professional working principles and public campaigns of the general association are discussed at all levels of the association and decided at the federal level. All board members work on a voluntary basis, supported by active members and experts. We create structures that enable reliable and effective work and ensure quality and continuity. The branches of the association inform each other about their work and the members meet each other at federal, state and regional meetings to exchange experiences, discuss the work and continue to train.




Our mission statement is the result of intensive discussions at all levels of the association. We finally adopted our mission statement at the General Meeting on 17th of May 2003. Since then, it is binding for everyone who works in the German Child Protection Association. The mission statement helps our 50,000 members, 10,000 voluntary workers and 5,000 full-time employees in 16 state and 426 local associations to keep the quality of child protection work constantly and equally on a high level. Our mission statement guarantees orientation within the association - and gives you a detailed overview of our work and our association.




Since 1953, our ideas and initiatives have inspired not only countless donors but also many cooperation partners in the business, research, and the media sector. We would like to thank them for their commitment, that enables us to achieve such significant successes, e. g. the establishment of the 26 BLUE ELEPHANT Children's houses (in German: Kinderhäuser BLAUER ELEFANT®), the enactment of new laws, and the introduction of various projects relating to child protection. A lot of high-profile campaigns for children and their families need to be added. Every day we get a little closer to our goal. The objective that we formulate in our mission statement.


Do you also have the dream of a happy world for every child? Dream it with us - in a community of around 50,000 members, and which grows every day. Together we are strong. For the future of all children.




Help us to help them. Even a one-time or smaller amount can make a big difference. Even a small donation helps us to maintain existing projects or to create new ones in North Friesland and beyond. You can support our work in many different ways:


  • –  One-time Donation
  • –  Regular Donation
  • –  Bequeath
  • –  Make a specially targeted donation

Every donation to the Child Protection Association of North Friesland (in German: Kreisverband Nordfriesland) which belongs to the German Child Protection Association (in German: Deutscher Kinderschutzbund) is tax-deductible. In case the received donation exceeds 50.00 Euro and if we know you address, we will send you a donation receipt automatically by post. As a donor, you can be sure that we will use your donation in an absolutely serious manner and exclusively for our statutory work. In our annual reports, you can read in detail how and for what we use the donation.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. We would be pleased to provide additional information.


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Our donation account

Nord-Ostsee Sparkasse

Account number: 25791
Bank code: 217 500 00
IBAN: DE56 2175 0000 0000 0257 91






Board of Directors:

Dr. Matthias Hüppauff (1st chairman)

Ursula Belker (2nd chairwoman)

Karl-Heinz Moeskes

Dr. med. Sietje Töllner

Kirsten Hartmann


The non-profit private limited company

The board of the Child Protection Association (in German: Kinderschutzbund) manage the shareholders' meeting of the Child Protection Agency North non-profit private limited company (in German: Kinderschutzbund-Nord gemeinnützige GmbH). This is the employment agency for the employees and naturally pursues the same objectives as the association. The management/administration is also handled in personal union. The organizational separation has only significance for operational processes and legal procedures. Internally and externally, there is one Child Protection Association in North Friesland.