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An affair of our heart

Lukas Stern e.V.

ELKA supports the registered association Lukas Stern e. V.. Since 2016 the association has fulfilled wishes of severely ill people. We are enthusiastic about the work, the projects and the members who stand behind the association and make the wishes come true. It is an affair of our heart to support this very important work.



Who stands behind the Lukas Stern e.V. and what is their focus?

The non-profit and charitable association consists of about 10 members who work completely on a voluntary basis. All members have regular full-time jobs, which do not have any relationship to the association. The association is exclusively financed by donations. Each active member has its own story and that is the reason why Lukas Stern e.V. is so important for them.


What is the goal of Lukas Stern e.V.?

Lukas Stern e.V. helps seriously and critically ill people and their families to make wishes come true. Regardless of age, gender and medical illness, wishes are fulfilled. The statistics shows that approx. 90% of the projects are carried out for children and youths, who are diagnosed with cancer. The idealistic, but often also material wishes are fulfilled unconditionally and without stipulation. Unfortunately, these wishes are sometimes also the last wishes.


When was Lukas Stern e.V. founded and why?

Lukas Stern e.V. exists since May 2016. Before the little four year old Lukas died of leukaemia in January 2016, some of his most important wishes could be fulfilled. The idea came up to found the Lukas Stern e.V., as an charity organisation in memory of Lukas.


What has been achieved so far?

2016 two projects and in 2017 eleven projects were supported. The number of supported projects increased continuously from 45 projects in 2018, to more than 60 projects in 2019 and over 62 projects in 2020. Each project is special. Many of these projects are presented on the Facebook page of Lukas Stern e.V. - of course with the consent of the parties concerned.


How can you support Lukas Stern e.V.?

Lukas Stern e.V. acts as a conduit between those who have heart's desires, those who can fulfill wishes and those who are able to and want to finance these wishes through donations. Every contribution and every amount, large or small, is welcome and helps where it is most needed. The donation possibilities are published on www.lukas-stern-ev.de. It is also possible for everyone to become a sponsoring member or supporter. The association is authorized to issue German tax-deductible receipts for donations.


How can you reach Lukas Sterne.V.?

Website: www.lukas-stern-ev.de
E-mail: lukas-stern-ev@web.de
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lukasstern.ev
Instagram: www.instagram.com/lukasstern.ev

Board of Directors:
Daniela Lieberwirth
Christian Frank

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