T 3000 and T 3500 - the new toll station barrier with 24V energy-saving technology... ...

...convince by unequalled running characteristics (accelerating - keeping the pace - decelerating). The housing outside shows its excellent workmanship. The barrier inside amazes with a logical and comfortable layout of the components. The intelligent controller satisfies all your requirements and you will appreciate the easy installation.
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Barrier housing

  • Housing made of aluminium, IP54, with new clamping technology
  • Powder coated, RAL 5012 / 9010

Motor / Gearbox

  • Energy-saving concept with powerful 24V BLDC-motor
  • Planetary gear, multistage



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Robust mechanics

  • Barrier mechanics for intensive use up to 100% duty cycle
  • Components made of die-cast and lasered steel

Automatic opening

  • Automatic opening by additional module in case of power failure
  • Adjustable via pressure springs
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The new controller MO 24

  • Three integrated loop detectors
  • Two speeds selectable
  • 4 x 7-segment display
  • Pre-wired terminal row, socket for the connection of e.g. photoelectric barriers and push buttons.
  • Network-compatible
  • More information about MO 24

Perfect running performance

  • recise barrier boom movement through electronic rotation speed control - fast, quiet, smooth.
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Boom connector, usable left/right

  • Boom connector usable left / right, without alteration of the barrier head
  • The installer decides on-site, on which side to connect the boom.

clip-out boom connector

  • Clip-out function 90°
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PC software for ELKA berriers

Custom colours

  • All RAL-colours are optionally available near-term.

PC software for ELKA berriers

  • For configuration and maintenance, incl. loop analysis and service report creation
  • PC desktop panel with camera connection, yearly timer, differential counter, SMS messages and e-mail messages
  • More information about Easy control





Technial data

Type Boom length / profile Effective boom length Running time
T 3000 up to 3,240mm, Ø 60mm up to 3,000mm 0.6 / 0.9
T 3500 up to 3,740mm, Ø 60mm up to 3,500mm 0.9 / 1.3
All barriers for vehicle traffic only.
Installation and operating instructions  

Säulen und Gehäuse
Locking devices  
Radio remote control  
Safety devices  
Access control  
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